Data Management for System Dynamics

Building System Dynamics models is more than simulation modeling. It starts with data and a collection of mental models about how the system works.

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What is Dynamic Vu?

DynamicVu is the data management strategy for system dynamics. Systems modelers can organize their work, easily recalling specific data artifacts that inform future inquiries, keeping a chain of evidence and an evolution of thought.

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How Does DynamicVu Work?

If your work involves collecting more than model simulation files, then DynamicVu can help you be more efficient. DynamicVu provides a way to organize and recall evidence when you are building and documenting your system dynamic models.

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The people involved with each Project. Participants can be experts in the topic being investigated or facilitators of the system dynamics process.

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Any date/time that work on the Project was performed. Sessions create an historical inference chain of what was discovered by whom and when.

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The information items that are generated by participants through interviews, research, or other useful processes – Published, Quote, Media, Simulation.

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