DynamicVu - Data Management for System Dynamics

Building system dynamics models is more than simulation modeling. It starts with a collection of mental models about how the system works. Group model building methodologies elicit and collect valuable information about the system, but how does one prepare for, collect, and manage all that information reliably and efficiently? DynamicVu was built specifically for this purpose. With DynamicVu, systems modelers can organize their work, easily recalling specific data artifacts that inform future inquiries, keeping a chain of evidence and an evolution of thought.


How do you organize the information that you collect for your system dynamics modeling projects? Do you have a reliable way to find that key causal loop diagram and recall the source? How do you maintain a reliable chain of evidence? What if models, pictures, text, and other valuable data could be linked and searched by key words? What if your carefully collected source data was in a secure cloud-based repository making it easy to collaborate and share? All of this and more will be possible with DynamicVu software!


DynamicVu is designed to be your case study data management solution for system dynamic model building projects. Creating a useful simulation model requires capturing system elements in the words of its participants. Group model building scripts have been developed over the years to collect the key system elements of participants’ mental models. DynamicVu is designed to help you prepare for and collect this data. DynamicVu provides a way to organize and recall evidence when you are building and documenting your system dynamic models. Even the model revisions themselves can be included, documenting the evolution of understanding.


If your work involves collecting more than model simulation files, then DynamicVu can help you be more efficient. Whether you are researching publications, performing interviews, or eliciting boundary-object drawings such as behavior over time graphs, DynamicVu will keep track of these records. If you plan to perform follow-on work for a client, your prior work will be organized and available when you need it. DynamicVu is not modeling software; it is compatible with the modeling software that you already use.

DynamicVu is has been developed over the past three years and is in limited release. It is scheduled for general release later this year.


DynamicVu will be presented at the 35th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, July 16 – 20, 2017 in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. You can learn more about DynamicVu, its capabilities and availability at the conference.

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