How Does DynamicVu Work?

DynamicVu is built with data management in mind. DynamicVu Mobile collects information as it is generated using your mobile device. Pages of diagrams and data tables become organized and available quickly, eliminating the work of scanning pictures later.

DynamicVu Desktop displays and links information providing navigation and searching capabilities. Clicking on the session attended by this participant reveals that session’s details. Clicking on a data artifact collected during that session reveals the artifact details. DynamicVu makes it easy to drill in and back out, or to move forward or backward in time through your data. Quickly finding that expert quote from a specific person or session becomes easy.

DynamicVu even links specific model elements back to supporting evidence providing documentation of your model structure decisions. Recalling the supporting evidence for simulation models is reliable and easy using DynamicVu.


In DynamicVu, participants are classified as Experts, the people who know the system best, as Facilitators, the consultants who are conducting the group model building effort, or as Sponsors, the people who are providing or supporting the resources required to complete the model building project.


A session in DynamicVu can be a formal meeting among participants when key data is collected. A session can also be one person modeling with a starting model version, a modeling goal, and an ending model version. Sessions create an historical inference chain of what was discovered by whom and when.


The information items that are generated by participants through interviews, research, or other useful processes, artifacts are classified as ‘Published’ (generally available), ‘Quote’ (said by a participant), ‘Media’ (any chart, graph, picture, video), or a ‘Simulation’ (simulation model file).


Projects are used to organize separate customer engagements. Projects contain all of the database elements and describes the overall goals and performance metrics. Sessions, participants, and artifacts are organized within the context of a project. DynamicVu can be used to manage multiple Projects at the same time.

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