What is Dynamic Vu?

DynamicVu, Make Model Documentation Count

Building simulation models involves much more than modeling. It starts with a collection of diagrams about how the system works and data backing it up. Expert interviews reveal valuable “how it works” information. DynamicVu organizes and safeguards this collection. DynamicVu is designed specifically to support simulation modelers. With DynamicVu, simulation modelers can quickly save their work, recall specific data artifacts, inform future inquiries, keep a chain of evidence, and preserve the evolution of thought.

Whether you work alone or with a team, DynamicVu is designed to organize the evidence informing your model, making it available when you need it most. Modelers can refer back to the words of the experts. Project managers can easily produce PDF reports for distribution to recent session participants. Presenters can quickly explore source evidence linked to model structure. DynamicVu stores various forms of media including text, pictures, and even video. DynamicVu gives your models the transparency that clients desire.

If you plan to perform follow-on work for a client, your prior work will be organized and available when you need it. DynamicVu is not simulation modeling software; it is compatible with the modeling software that you already use.


DynamicVu is secure cloud-based software designed to support multiple platforms and multiple modelers. Whether you are in your office on a PC or Mac, or on the road taking notes on you handheld device, DynamicVu has you and your teammates covered.


DynamicVu organizes evidence as it is collected and recalls what you need when you are building and documenting your simulation models.

Chain of Evidence

DynamicVu supports case study research methodologies. DynamicVu organizes information about project goals, system experts, project sponsors, meetings, in addition to collecting evidence. Even simulation model revisions can be saved and organized for easy recall.

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